Title of painting: Epilepsy, leaving the nightmare behind (2013)
Measurements: 1 X 1.20 meters
Technique: Oil/Canvas
Painting is at: PET Scan Unit, Royal University Hospital
Author: Eduardo Urbano Merino

The following painting was presented by the Mexican artist Eduardo Urbano Merino on March 26 during the celebration of purple day by the Saskatchewan Epilepsy Program. The painting is a contemporary art piece representing “epilepsy surgery”. The description of the painting by Eduardo Urbano is the following:

On the left side of the painting, it is dark for the patient, there is a storm, the disease is active, neurons are sick (black) and are trapped between two of the three crystals that float….on the center, the patient is standing up, he is completely incorporated when doctors are healing him (epilepsy surgery), there is a grid (device used to map seizure activity in the brain during epilepsy surgery), after surgery the patient is surrounded by healthy neurons in white.....on the right side there is third glass that represents the screen used to read the epileptic activity mapped with the grid.. one of the doctors is touching the patient (neurosurgeon), the other is reading an electroencephalogram (epileptologist) ... the oldest doctor represents the experience, he has the maple leaf in his lab coat, the other doctor wears a badge with the flag of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan .. THE GOLDEN POINT results from the division of the top of the painting and the gray line and it is represented with the Lilly flower….this point is used to calculate all the vertical lines of the painting... except for the patient standing that takes up the head the "grid" ... this "grid" comes from a characteristics plant of my work that represent health and life.

The painting was exhibited in the meeting of the International League Against Epilepsy that was held in Montreal in 2013. The painting also was included in a special article published in epilepsy and behaviour reviewing the available pieces of art related with epilepsy surgery since ancient times (Epilepsy & Behavior Volume 29, Issue 1, October 2013, Pages 82–89). The original is in permanent exhibition in the main hall of the Royal University Hospital In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.

Eduardo Urbano Merino

Curriculum Vitae of Eduardo urbano