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  This increasingly cited study explore the association of different types of headache in patients with systemic erythematosus. This article has been cited in different articles, books, encyclopedias such as Wikipedia and several online resources.
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  This increasingly cited study shows that journals in in Latin-America who use the English language for publication have a higher impact factor than the journals published in Spanish. The article has been cited several times and any time that the topic of English conversion of Latin-American journals comes to discussion the articles is highlighted.
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  This meta-analysis analyzes the seizure outcome after epilepsy surgery of patients with no lesion demonstrated in the brain MRI or histopathology. This study was selected for a special article by the journal Neurology where the most important five contributions in epilepsy from 2010 were highlighted (Neurology 2011;76(Suppl 2):S20-S25).
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  This article is included in a supplement where international rising starts in the field of epilepsy were selected. The article describes new concepts and future directions of epidemiology in epilepsy.
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  This increasingly cited study is a survey of clinical practice from Canadian epileptologist regarding the discontinuation of anti-epileptic drugs after epilepsy surgery.
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  This is the first article describing the yield and potential use of portable EEG in adult population. The article reports a high yield of portable EEG to investigate patients with epilepsy and non-epileptic events. It also describes potential new indications for its use.
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  This is an important epidemiological article describing the 2007 outbreak of West Nyle infection in Saskatchewan. The article focuses in the description of cases with Neuroinvasive West Nyle infection. Few descriptions are available in Canada and North-America
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  This historical article reviews the available paintings depicting epilepsy surgery since ancient times. Paintings since the renaissance are discussed in the review.
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  This is a prospective study that explores the safety and yield of early discontinuation of AEDs in video-EEG telemetry. The article shows that the practice is safe with good surgical results in patients.
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  This is a very relevant contribution. We validated the definition of drug resistant epilepsy released by the ILAE using a cohort of patients with epilepsy from our center. The article was highlighted by the ILAE and other websites.
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  The series of articles related with myasthenia gravis (articles 4, 7, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22) constitutes the first clinical description of patients with myasthenia gravis in Latin America assessing several aspects as clinical characteristics, genetic markers, seropositivity, associated conditions, and response after thymectomy. All these articles have been cited internationally. The American Academy of Neurology granted this work with the Bruce S. Schoenberg International Award in Neuroepidemiology.